Embark on a transformative journey and become a Chi Universe Yoga Teacher, where we embrace Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellness for Everybody! Our comprehensive program is now available online, allowing you to join our mission of global wellness through play.

Chi Universe Yoga Mats and Program effortlessly incorporate beneficial physical movement and calming breathing techniques into various learning environments, whether in-person or online. With our workbook and instructional videos, you'll receive simple-to-follow guidelines for safely and effectively teaching kids, tweens, adults, and families how to achieve perfectly aligned poses. Just follow the symbols.

Experience the power of Yoga PlayTime as it calms the nervous system, moving out of fear and into focus, it helps prepares the mind for learning. Our Chi Mats have been extensively researched, play-tested, and approved by mothers, making a difference in communities and schools worldwide. The Chi Universe Yoga program cleverly disguises itself as a game while offering all the therapeutic benefits of Yoga Therapy. For instance, it can help to effectively alleviate anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, fear, pain, and nervous system dysregulation.

Discover our Special Classroom Packages, which include Chi Mats, Game, Curriculum, and Teacher Training materials. The Chi Universe Yoga Program has been utilized in renowned events and organizations such as Michelle Obama's Let's Move! LA, the United Nations, Equinox Gym, Generation Rescue, LAUSD Star after-school program, Yoga Journal Live, and the Four Seasons Resorts. Join the Chi Universe movement and contribute to the enhanced physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of kids and families worldwide. Together, let's promote Global Wellness Through Play.

Chi Mats serve as an invaluable teaching tool, while the Chi Game adds an extra element of fun. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive Chi Universe Teacher's Training Manual that breaks down the 10 levels (comprising 108 poses) into a 12-week curriculum. This manual, along with our ongoing Game format, ensures that children of all abilities can be physically active and engaged for lifelong wellness. The program can be adapted to any time frame, whether it's integrated as a daily 10-, 20-, 30-, 45-, or 60-minute cardio and Yoga stretch practice or squeezed in as a 5-minute exercise on busy days.

As a token of appreciation, we offer a FREE Gift - a Teacher's Chi Mat & How-To Poster.

Enroll in our teacher-training programs, designed to help you seamlessly integrate our Yoga and exercise curriculum into classrooms, gyms, studios, and hotels. Let our certified Chi Universe Yoga Instructors guide you or your students in properly aligning the body and transforming Yoga into an enjoyable game! If you're interested in becoming a Chi Universe Yoga Teacher or a Chi Ambassador in your area, please email us at teachertraining@chiuniverse.com. Scholarships are also available.

Chi Universe Teacher Training Program offers complete turnkey convenience. It includes Chi Mats, a Training Manual, a Card Game Deck, Posters, Video Instruction, an iTunes App, and an expert-led one-hour online training session. With these resources, you'll have everything you need to succeed in teaching on the Chi Mat. Activate your Chi and unlock your full potential!

As part of the program, you'll receive 1 Chi Mat and 1 How-To Poster, enabling you to practice to easily implement the program using our Posters, App, Training Manual, and Videos. Additionally, you'll gain access to a designated leader for continued business training and support. We'll provide you with assets and logos for your website and promotional materials. Connect with us on social media platforms like Instagram (@chiuniverseyoga) and Facebook (Facebook.com/chiuniverse) to stay updated and be part of the chllanges, giveaways, and community.

Take advantage of our optional Wholesale, School, and Sales Accounts to further enhance your experience.

Chi Universe offers a kid-focused program that delivers numerous health benefits, both physically and mentally, while addressing the issues of childhood obesity and related health conditions, as well as mental health challenges faced by children today. The easily comprehensible visual cues also aid in teaching children with developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders. We provide breathing and meditation techniques to help children focus and feel well. Whether you incorporate Yoga with Chi into a daily morning ritual, a quick pre-test practice, or an after-school program, let it become an integral part of your school's curriculum.

The Chi Card Game contributes to literacy development by engaging children in reading, listening, and applying skills. It also enhances numeracy through the addition and subtraction of Chi points while progressing through each series. Aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), our breathing techniques encourage meditation, contemplation, and deep thinking. Focus and rigor are at the core of our physical fitness curriculum and system. We believe in fostering self-esteem, compassion, peace, non-violence, and a healthy body image and self-perception. Join the Chi Force! Get involved in wellness and education.

Chi Universe Teacher Training Program Costs:

$199 - Domestic & International Chi Universe Teacher Training Program

In just one hour of online training, you can acquire all the necessary knowledge to teach on the Chi Mat. Our hand-selected Chi Universe Yoga Ambassadors will guide you through the certification process. They will walk you through the complete, pre-designed workout for a 30-minute or 60-minute class, both in-person and online. You'll learn how to lead groups and provide private instruction, ensuring proper form and best practices for guiding moves on the mat. We'll also present options for modifications, allowing you to adapt the moves for students of all levels and abilities. Discover how to create a fun and effective atmosphere, and include earning Chi points to motivate kids, tweens, and parents to engage, practice, and return for more!

New teachers will also gain the skills to teach on the Chi Mat, integrate their own curriculum, and incorporate Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellness Techniques. Furthermore, you'll learn therapy techniques, teaching guidelines, and the universal language of the symbol system on the Chi Mat, which can be easily translated. Our mats and programs have already proven successful in over 20 countries.

The Chi Universe Yoga Program provides a fully play-tested, science-based approach to Yoga for kids and families. Our classroom packages are ready to be shipped to schools, gyms, studios, play spaces, and private households. We're committed to supporting the integration of mindful movement therapy programs across the United States and around the world. And the best part? You'll be able to turn your passion into a profitable endeavor by teaching the healthiest and happiest workout available.

Teachers have the freedom to create their own classes, organize events, engage in PR and marketing, sell/distribute mats, and manage their schedule. 

Chi Universe Yoga Classroom Packages:

1. Chi Kids Class Package (Recommended for Grades K-1)

  • 12 Kids Chi Mats
  • 1 Card Game Deck
  • 1 Free Teacher Chi Mat
  • 13 Double-Sided How-To Posters of 200 poses matching symbols on the mats
  • Total Classroom Package: $260 (Retail Value: $520)

2. Chi Kids & Tweens Class Package (Recommended for Grades 2-4):

  • 6 Kids Chi Mats
  • 6 Tween/Adult Chi Mats
  • 1 Card Game Deck
  • 1 Free Teacher Chi Mat
  • 13 Double-Sided How-To Posters of 200 poses matching symbols on the mats
  • Total Classroom Package: $275 (Retail Value: $532)

3. Chi Tweens/Adults Class Package (Recommended for Grades 5-8):

  • 12 Tween/Adult Chi Mats
  • 1 Card Game Deck
  • 1 Free Teacher Chi Mat
  • 13 Double-Sided How-To Posters of 200 poses matching symbols on the mats
  • Total Classroom Package: $290 (Retail Value: $544)

All classroom packages include the option to add the Chi Universe Yoga Teacher Training Program for an additional $199. This program will assist teachers in easily, correctly, and safely implementing the Yoga program within just one hour of online training.

Special Offer: Classroom Package + Teacher Training Program

  1. Chi Kids Class Package + Teacher Training Program: $459
  2. Chi Kids & Tweens Class Package + Teacher Training Program: $474
  3. Chi Tweens/Adults Class Package + Teacher Training Program: $489

Ready to take the first teacher training step or place a classroom package order?

Email: bobbi@chiuniverse.com