Become a Chi Universe Yoga Teacher where we believe in Physical & Mental Wellness for Everybody!

The Chi Universe Yoga Mats and Program can easily implement valuable physical fitness and calming breathing techniques into a variety of learning environments. The workbook and videos provide simple-to-follow guidelines to safely and efficiently instruct kids, teens, adults, and families into perfectly aligned poses.

Researched, play tested, and mother approved, Chi Mats are already making a real difference in our communities and schools right now! The program has been used in Michelle Obama‘s Let’s Move! La events, the United Nations, Equinox Gym, Generation Rescue, LAUSD Star after-school program, Yoga Journal Live, and the Four Seasons Resorts. American Airlines named Chi Universe Start up of the month April 2018! Chi Universe is a movement to bring wellness, awareness, and peace to the planet in the most super ‘phresh’ way!

We offer a Chi Universe Teacher’s Training Manual that breaks down the 10 levels (and 108 poses) into a 12-week curriculum introducing Flow Yoga & Breakdance ‘Phreezes’ in a fun game format that makes it easy to get kids of all abilities physically active. The programs can easily be allotted any length of time—integrated as a daily 10- 20- 30- 40 or 60 minute cardio and stretch practice, or squeezed in as 5 minutes of exercise on busy days.

We offer teacher-training programs to help facilitate the integration of our Yoga and exercise curriculum into classrooms, gyms, and studios. Let a Chi-Certified Yoga Instructor teach you and your students the program, and benefits of a balanced, positive life with Yoga! If you are interested in becoming a Chi Certified Yoga Teacher on the Chi Mat, or a Chi Ambassador in your area, please email us Scholarships Available.


Chi Universe Teacher Training Program

The CHI Certification course offers complete turnkey convenience. From the easy to implement Chi Mat Training Manual, Card Deck, and App to the expert instructional guidance, moves, music, video instruction, and game that will get your class going—you’ll get everything you need to succeed. Chi Activate!

  • 2 Mats.
  • Learn to easily implement program with Posters, App, Training Manual and Videos.
  • Initial 1-1.5 hour Physical Movement and Intro Training over Skype Video Conference Call or in-person group.
  • Access to designated leader for continued Business Training and Support.
  • Chi certificate.
  • Assets, Logos, and Fliers for your site and promotional materials.
  • Connect with us on Social Media networks such as instagram @chiuniverseyoga and facebook
  • Optional Wholesale, School, and Sales Accounts.

For our Kid focused Program, Chi Universe offers numerous health benefits, both physical and mental while aiming to prevent and reverse childhood obesity and associated health conditions. The easy-to-follow visual cues are also beneficial for teaching children with developmental delay, and autistic spectrum disorders. We offer breathing techniques and meditation techniques to help kids’ focus. Whether it’s a daily morning ritual, a quick pre-test practice, or an after-school program, let Yoga with Chi be part of your school’s curriculum.

The Chi Flow & Phreeze Card Game aids literacy through reading, listening, and applying skills, and boosts numeracy through the addition and subtraction of Chi points when advancing to each new series. In alignment with Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Our breathing techniques encourage meditation, contemplation, and deep thinking. Focus and rigor are the very foundation of our physical fitness curriculum and system. We believe in enriching our students by advocating self esteem, compassion, peace and non-violence, and a healthy attitude towards body and self! Join the Chi Force! Get involved in wellness and education.

Program Costs:

  • $299 Domestic & International Chi Universe Teacher Training Program
  • ($99 Annual renewal fee)

Up for the challenge? In just one day, you can learn everything you need to know about how to teach on the Chi Mat. Chi Universe Yoga Ambassadors, who have been hand-selected by Chi Universe to guide you through the Certification process, will:

Walk you through the complete, pre-designed workout from start to finish for a 30-minute or 60-minute class. How to lead groups and private instruction.

  • Instruct proper form and best practices to guide PHRESH moves on the mat.
  • Present options for modifications—how to regress and progress—so you can adapt the moves for students at all levels and abilities.
  • Show you how to create a fun and effective atmosphere that makes teens, kids, and parents want to play, practice, and come back for more!

New teachers will also learn how to:

  • Teach Flow & Phreeze Yoga on the Chi Mat
  • Integrate their own curriculum on the Chi Mat
  • Lead Trainings
  • Launch Marketing & Social Media
  • Option to Sell Chi Universe Yoga Mats 

Learn therapy techniques, teaching guidelines, and the universal language of the Chi Mat to easily integrate the mat and game. Easily translatable, the mats and programs have already been effectively implemented in over 15 countries.

CHI Certification can help give you an edge. Schools, Gyms, Studios, Play Spaces, and Private Households are integrating kids, teen, and family yoga and mindful therapy programs across the US and around the globe. And you’ll be able to make money doing what you love—teaching the healthiest and happiest workout around. Sound exciting? Then let’s get started!


Chi Universe Teachers are selected by certain standards: Presence, Knowledge, Yoga & Fitness Training, Teaching Ability, Business Skills, and Good Vibe.

Teachers can create their own Classes, Organized Events, PR, Marketing, Sell/Distribute Mats, Schedule.

Ambassadors are selected from Chi Universe Teachers to become Leaders and points of contact for other teachers, representing the Chi Universe. If you are interested in becoming a Chi Universe Yoga Ambassador please let us know.

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