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“The symbols mat make things easy and fun…

“So many of you ask me how you can get your kids interested in yoga, and getting them their own yoga gear helps immensely! And these follow the symbols mat make things easy and fun… even for adults (my mom learned Yoga on her own with this mat).” ~ @SummerPerez (IG Yoga Influencer)


Learn.  Align.  Love.

Using our CHI YOGA MAT and included how-to poster of poses, you’ll learn and master over 90 properly aligned Yoga postures and sequences. Join our newsletter today and get $5 OFF your next purchase.

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Chi Universe is fun and accessible for all levels and ages.

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iOS App and our new Roku channel

Chi Flow & Phreeze Card Game App is available on iTunes for the iPad. Kids love learning with the iPad app!

Learn interconnect poses and sequences through the card game and videos. Earn Chi points! For optimal game play, make sure to get the Chi Phresh Mat that fits your size.

Chi Universe Roku Channel now LIVE with FREE streaming video instruction.