How-To Posters

Start learning with the double sided How-To Poster included inside every Chi Mat. One side features Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Bobbi, and the opposite side is geared toward kids. Use the symbols on the pictograms as a guide to the symbols on the mat to learn poses. Always read the instructions first. 

Follow the symbols to properly align the body. The Flow & Phreeze Game is a combination of Flow Yoga, Breakdance Phreezes, and Breathing. Add your own phresh phreeze style with a peace sign or hand mudra! Phreeze for 3 breaths!

Double-sided How-to Game Poster FREE inside every Chi Mat. The poster contains over 108 position options, and gives pose-by-pose sequences for completing routines. Easy to learn. Fun for all ages.

The FREE videos walk you through the 10 levels of the game with guided instruction by Host and Creator, Bobbi.

Playing the Chi Game kids can interact with playing cards which illustrate every pose with written instructions on each. There is also a digital version of the card game available on the Apple app store,  which can be used anywhere.

Free App for Kids on iOS

Chi Universe Yoga App is available on iOS, and it’s FREE!

Learn to interconnect poses and sequences. Earn Chi points! Level Up! Begin every game with Level 1 Star Cat Series to warm up the body. For optimal game play, make sure to get the Chi Mat that fits your size.

App Support: For further assistance email us at

Download the Chi Universe App and play the game! The App guides you through 10 levels of Yoga sequences as teaches you how to Flow & Phreeze in Yoga by counting breaths and following the symbols on the specially designed Chi Mat. Exercises are based on the science of Yoga, urban dance moves, core strengtheners, and martial arts, and are combined with breathing techniques that calm the nervous system and enhance focused learning. Kids love styling their fresh moves with a peace sign, and earning Chi points as they advance. The timer can be turned on or off. Approachable for all levels. Chi Universe App is great for independent learning, at-home PE, and healthy screen time. Fun for kids, tweens, and families.