How This Revolutionary Yoga Mat Can Help Heal Childhood Trauma and Promote Lifelong Wellness

In her book What Happened To You, Oprah Winfrey and leading child psychiatrist and neuroscientist Bruce Perry, MD, PhD, explore the impact of childhood trauma on decisions we make and who we later become.

Most people have some form of past trauma and understanding the response to that trauma is a breakthrough in psychology. Dr. Perry leads the way in this field.

What does this have to do with Yoga?

He writes about how rhythmic pattern and movement therapy is the first step to regulate, or balance, the nervous system. Dr. Perry also says to teach a trauma-altered child, he or she must be regulated before learning a new skill, like a new math concept, for example.

Since the brain does not learn well in a trauma-altered state, the stress response must first be deactivated to maximize learning potential.

Yoga can do that!

But, until now, teaching traditional Yoga to children has been notoriously difficult. The Chi Mat makes Yoga fun by gamifying it with the symbol system!

Chi Mat creator and family yoga therapist Bobbi Hamilton says, “I’ve worked closely with kids and families going through traumatic events such as divorce, parental alcohol and drug abuse, narcissistic abuse, the death of a parent, and a variety of development issues.”

“I’ve seen the deep impacts on the nervous system from early childhood trauma, and I’ve worked to reverse the effects through Yoga, Breathing, and Meditation techniques.”

“Teaching Yoga to children was difficult, so I invented a way to make it easy for them to learn while preventing injury through a system of easily recognizable universal symbols. It’s called the Chi Universe Yoga System and includes a custom-designed yoga mat, a corresponding card game, and a free app.”

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To the kids, Chi Yoga is more like a fun game. To the parent, teacher or therapist, it’s a way to engage the child in a Yoga session that properly aligns their bodies and provides the regulating effects of therapeutic Yoga.

Through focused breath with movement, counting breaths, and repetitive sequences of movements, Yoga flows can shift the child out of emotional stress responses and happily into the next activity. The Chi Universe Yoga System makes that process easy.

Parents delight at the difference in the mood of their child pre and post Yoga session.

Additionally, Yoga opens up the nervous system and changes how kids and families communicate. Even in trauma-free households, a post-Yoga family is ready to talk about and resolve any issues. Yoga provides quality bonding playtime for the entire family!

Who can benefit from the Chi Universe Yoga System?

Anyone! Kids and Families, from pre-school to adult. Most people have some form of trauma. Regulating the brain is something we all need in order to focus and succeed.

Modern-day stress of school, sports, and relationships, not to mention the ever-growing pressure to succeed in a society that doesn’t feel safe, is a heavy burden on any child. Add the overuse of electronics which can lead to ticks, the psychological repercussions of social media bullying, and the threat of environmental issues like poor quality drinking water and food scarcity all have an impact on the brain and nervous system.

Microaggressions such as the stigma of being overweight, gender identity, or racial identity can also have an impact. The wellness benefits of Yoga include aiding in regulation of the nervous system which in turn creates foundational brain development and increases neural plasticity to help overcome the effects of these stressors.

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Healing tools for a lifetime of wellness!

There are so many ways to learn using the Chi Mat!

  • Follow the symbols - kid and adult-sized mats with proper body alignment built in
  • How-To Poster
  • Card Game
  • Free App
  • Free Instructional Videos


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Yoga is a science, and we have a curriculum!

In addition, kindness and compassion are founding principles of Yoga, and Yoga programs need to be integrated into schools and homes as a first response to promoting childhood wellbeing.

Yoga de-stresses the body and focuses the mind, and creates resilience. When we feel good we are more peaceful, and this is the way to global wellness.

Feel greater physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing with the Chi Universe Yoga Program!

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