Chi Mat & Game listed in 10 BEST NEW TOYS OF 2021!!

Chi Universe may be a start-up, but we are swimming with the big fish now! Listed by in the Top 10 Best New Toys of 2021, among major brands such as LEGO and L.O.L. Surprise. The Chi Mat has proven to be the hot new product on the market! 


Why?  Well, 2020 showed us that nothing is more important than your physical - mental - emotional health, and your family! The world is waking up to a new way of living, and that involves self care, family workouts, and the importance of wellness techniques like Breathing, Yoga, Meditation, and Movement Therapy. We've got that covered!


The time has come for us to bring our Wellness products to the masses in a much bigger way. We are excited to grow our Global Wellness Through Play initiative, please help us celebrate the growing good vibe of wellbeing.