The Secret to Successful Back-to-School Learning

You may be wondering, what is the key to success? Simply put, it's concentration

The inside scoop on integrating successful learning and productivity into the classroom, workplace, or homeschool is to make sure the brain is prepared to begin learning, and then refreshed periodically. 

We do this by "regulating the brain' or bringing the brain into a calm, focused  harmonized state of being. In a world full of polarity and over stimulation, helping kids and family get focused is just a few moves and breaths away.

The 'Yoga Break' as movement therapy synced with breathing techniques offers a way integrate a practice to prepare and sustain focused learning. 

Here's how to integrate Yoga Breaks into your daily routine:

  • Give yourself and your children and students just 2 - 20 minutes to change the 'state of being' into one that is calm and centered, ready to learn. This can involve sitting, breathing, stretching, rhythmic movement, short meditations, feeling safe and welcomed in. 
  • Utilize 5-15 minutes of Yoga to help easily transition into the next subject.
  • Use Yoga Breaks as treats. Work hard knowing that a relaxing and revitalizing break is coming! 
  • If you're at your wits end, just start breathing and counting breaths and ask kids in a patient and kind way to breath and count along with you. 
  • When you are stressed and out of time, it is advantageous to take that five minutes to get minds focused with balance poses, shaking, repetitive movement, and most importantly 3 rounds of focused breaths to create greater harmony to complete tasks in less time.  

For parents and teachers looking for ways to help their kids be calm, energized, and focused, Chi Universe offers a unique solution with a Yoga Mat & Game based on our Yoga Curriculum. The Yoga Curriculum, Game Mat Design, How To Poster, Card Deck, and Free App teaches kids how to breathe, and to follow the symbols system on the Chi Mats for proper body alignment. It makes Yoga fun, with all the positive wellbeing effects.  

Chi Universe Yoga Mat Program is a well thought out 10 level or 12 week curriculum. Inside every Chi Mat is a double sided how-to game poster of 200 poses, one side features the kid’s program, and the opposite side features the Creator and Yoga Trainer, Bobbi Hamilton, CYT. There is a free worldwide downloadable App that is aligned with the teacher training manual, free kids videos online, poster, and card game deck as an alternative to screen time. The Chi Universe App is a comprehensive educational Yoga & Wellness program, and kids can earn a certificate of completion with an email sent to notify you.

If you need some help, there is a Chi Universe Teacher Training Program available to assist in integrating the program into schools, clubs, studios, and homes. The Chi Universe Program has been featured by Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! LA campaign, Star After-school Program, the UN for HerStory, Four Seasons Resorts, Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop holiday gift guide, and American Airlines as 'Start Up of the Month' in their inflight magazine American Way

Our Yoga, breathing, and mindful movement therapies energize the body, calm the mind, and aid mental focus. Easily implemented, the mat comes in two sizes:

Kids size and Tween/Teen/Adult size. 

Perfect for teaching online and remote learning groups!
Check out our Education Bundles of Chi Mats. 
Refer a teacher or a friend for back-to-school and at-home learning. Affiliate links available for teachers. Email us. We want to help support you!