Phresh Chi Mats

Phresh Chi Yoga Mat is printed with playful iconic symbols that are a “map” to guide Yoga positions. The unique design, simplifies the complexities of movement by facilitating technically correct body placement. The system is based on anatomical averages, and increases safety and physical alignment for growing bodies. Chi Mat is a ‘game board’ that keeps it fun, focused, and phresh! Kid and Teen/Adult Mats come with a double sided “how-to” poster of poses. Poses interconnect to create sequences of moves. The game format makes it easy for kids of all ages and abilities to get active. Chi Flow & Phreeze Card Game sold separately. Check out our touch interactive online cards, and download the Chi Universe App from iTunes for iPad. Get started! Get phresh phreezing!


Mat Dimensions

*Please measure height before making a mat purchase.
Note: Tall families….Kids as young as 8 yrs or 2nd grade might fit on the Tween/Teen/Adult Mat.


Tween/Teen/Adult Mat

  • 24” x 72” x 5mm
  • Fits 4’6″ to 5’11” (137cm to 180cm)
  • Approx Ages 10 & up


Kids Mat

  • 60” x 18.5” x 5mm
  • Fits 3’5” to 4’6”  (104cm to 137cm)
  • Approx Ages 4-9


Preschool/Lil Chi Mat

  • 51” x 17.5” x 5mm
  • Fits 41” and below (104cm and shorter)
  • Approx Ages 2-4



“These mats have made him love Yoga so much! What use to be, “not Yoga again” turned into “YAY! I LOVE YOGA!” And for me? All I have to do is ask, “can you do this?” And he is an immediate pro, just like most kids are without even knowing it.”” ~ @Carleebyoga 


Superb mat and poster for guiding a new yogi.

“Christmas gift for my daughter and she LOVES it. The poster that comes with it is 100% helpful as it shows the child where their hands and feet should go based off the symbols. It’s completely worth the money. It’s a great starter mat for the young yogi. I want one that’s my size now! ~ Tia Rogers

My four year old received his mat…

“My four year old received his mat in the mail yesterday & it was like Christmas Day to him. The excitement on his face, the way he references the Yoga page to help him. I can’t wait to download the app! Although my 19 month old is not having it & wondering where his own Yoga mat is, and now I’m paying for it as I’m playing referee between the two.” ~ _jessicalibardi


Environmentally friendly non-phthalate PVC. Recyclable. Washable Surface.

Upon receiving your new Phresh Mat, you may notice a slight scent.

This is temporary. Unroll the mat and let it air out for a couple of days.


Our products are lab tested for children’s health and safety. All Passed.

CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3 or GB/T 22048 2008, Determination of Phthalates.  (ASTM F96311), Heavy Metals, Toy Substrate Materials.

Lead testing 15 USC 1278a is covered under (ASTM F963-11), Heavy Metals

U. S. CPSC Test Method CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3

U. S. CPSC-CH-E1003-09.1

U.S. CPSC-CH-E1001-08.1

ASTM International Standard ASTM F963-11, Section 8.3.5


Phresh Chi Mats are Patented.

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