Announcing Chi Universe Yoga Wellness Packages

Class Sets and Teacher Trainings for Schools, Hotels, and Events

We are thrilled to introduce our Chi Universe Wellness Packages, designed to bring physical and mental wellness to schools, hotels, and events through the power of yoga. Each package includes a 1-hour lesson with Bobbi Hamilton, CYT, the creator of Chi Universe, either in-person or virtually. This session ensures teachers can effectively integrate Chi Universe Yoga Mats & Game into their classes. Our program has already brought joy and well-being to countless kids, teachers, and parents.

Chi Universe Class Sets Pricing - details below

Sponsorship Opportunities - Support Teachers and Schools

Sponsors can choose to support any teacher, class, or program. You can also purchase a class set package for a program from our angel request list. Sponsorships are tax-deductible and facilitated through PTAs and public schools.

We deeply appreciate your support in connecting us with organizations that are passionate about promoting the physical and mental well-being of kids and families! 🙏

Become a Chi Universe Yoga Teacher

Embark on a transformative journey with our Chi Universe Yoga Teacher Training Program. Embrace Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellness for Everybody! Our comprehensive program is now available online, allowing you to join our mission of global wellness through play.

Chi Universe Yoga Mats and Program seamlessly incorporate beneficial physical movements and calming breathing techniques into various learning environments. With our workbook and instructional videos, you'll receive clear guidelines for teaching kids, tweens, adults, and families how to achieve perfectly aligned poses by following the symbols.

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