Yoga Mat and Game for Kids, Teens, and Adults. Yoga for everybody!


Chi Phresh Mat turns fitness into a fun game, enhances focused learning, and is a prevention and reversal solutions for childhood obesity.


With Chi—the life-force energy that flows through all of us—we aim to create health and wellness for children and planet. When moms and kids see Chi, they will know that the product promotes a healthy lifestyle and environmental responsibility. Good for home. Good for school. Chi-approved! Creating awareness for Children’s health, and a more peaceful world.


About the Creator

CEO of Chi Universe, Bobbi Hamilton, CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher), left her position as a published cancer researcher at UCSF/Mt.Zion Medical to focus on creating solutions for the childhood obesity epidemic. Applying her laboratory skills to field research she conceptualized a new kind of engaging play-along fitness video for kids and created/produced Animal Yoga which aired on PBS Kids as promo spots getting kids off the couch in between programming reaching an estimated 20 million households. Bobbi created the Chi Phresh Yoga Mats from over ten years of research, teaching, play-testing, and producing fitness content for kids and families. The mat and program is a teaching tools to help kids learn independently, and to assist teachers, therapist, and parents easily implement yoga and exercise into classroom, PE, afterschool, and homes. It’s Bobbi’s passion to make fitness fun, and to serve by contributing solutions for a healthier generation of kids and families.

Bobbi Hamilton, a U.C. Berkeley graduate, and Division 1 collegiate athlete on Springboard and 10 Meter Tower, turned to Yoga to heal her spine and sports injuries. Thus began her journey to become a certified Yoga teacher and lifelong devotee to Meditation, Yoga, and Movement Therapy. Bobbi currently resides in LA and teaches for private households, executives, celebrities, and after-school programs while building her company, Phresh. Bobbi has been an athletic model for 10 years, representing many brands, such as Canon, Toyota, Delta, and DirectTV. Chi Phresh Mat & Game App is her first patented and interactive toy product.


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